The digital estate

What does digital estate or digital legacy mean?

It is not always clear what data a person has on devices and on the Internet. Meanwhile, the normal citizen spends a lot of time at the computer. He writes and receives emails, is active in social networks, stores data with a cloud service, pays via an online bank and maintains an account with an online dating site.

The fact that he does not inform his environment comprehensively about his activities on the Internet and also does not disclose his access data to the various online services is the rule and his right. Unfortunately, nowadays the user hardly thinks about his digital estate. Also, the appropriate digital provisions are often missing.


In practice, even relatives don’t know everything a person does online. Nor do they have to. It only becomes difficult when this person dies. Their relatives and heirs are then faced with the task of dealing with their digital inheritance in addition to their worldly affairs. The fact that relatives and heirs are not always identical in times of patchwork families and unconventional life histories complicates matters even further.

The digital estate is to be administered in exactly the same way as the classic estate (quotation from the Federal Court of Justice (BGH), mutatis mutandis).

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Our digital estate services include:

  • Device analysis – IT forensics to determine digital legacy
  • Digital estate appraisal to determine the value of the digital estate
  • Backup – Delete – Archive
  • Digital inheritance
  • Digital retirement planning
  • Data privacy, what rights do I have in digital inheritanceConsultation on the topics
  • Data security to preserve digital legacy
  • Archiving
  • Workshops
  • Awareness events

What is included in the digital estate?

A digital estate refers to the totality of a deceased person’s legal relationships involving information technology systems, including all of his or her digital data assets. In addition to contracts with telecommunications service providers, this includes websites, email and social media accounts, PayPal balances, cloud data, data stored on analog media, virtual address books, and more (see table below).

Examples of digital estate.

Assets Emotional assets
Money values on online accounts and online payment services Pictures and private videos on local devices
Internet currencies such as Bitcoin and Lynncoin Movies- documents and images in clouds
Contracts in progress such as magazine subscription Emails and their correspondence
Payment services for streaming such as iTunes – Spotify – NetFlix Content from dating exchanges
Wealth at virtual betting sites Social networks and their content
Paid music and movie collections Personal local documents
Important documents such as insurance policies and tax records The book collection on eBooks
Software licenses on local devices Gaming platforms and their virtual game characters and game states
Domain rights and responsibilities Personal homepage

Regulate your digital estate today. You’ll take a lot of pressure off your family and friends, and secure your will.

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