The advance of digitalisation

Clients expect more technology and constant accessibility via smartphone from an asset management company. The era of pompous rooms with brass, marble and high-pile carpets is over, as the Welt am Sonntag already reported on 23.10.2016, and still applies today.

But it is not only the “rich” who expect a higher level of digitalisation, but also the ordinary citizen. Almost everyone is affected by the wave this world is experiencing. You can escape it if you want to do your daily tasks. Those who are not online today have a harder time choosing a career.

The “Welt am Sonntag” also reports that 73% of people urgently expect digital services from their bank. Among 40-year-olds, the expectation is even higher (87%).
The banks have recognized this expectation.

Almost every large German bank has developed a digitalization strategy. Whereby it fails again and again because of the overall implementation.

For the banks, the goal is to make consulting faster, cheaper and more customer-oriented.
Apps for mobile devices are considered a panacea for this.

Bank customers want to receive their account statements digitally and no longer by post. The bank should be open 24 hours and 7 days. Purchases and sales must be easy and inexpensive via apps.

67% of consumers entrust their assets to robots, according to the newspaper. So the customer has no problem if his money is managed by a digital advisor. People trust the non-analog world. The same is true for data. One trusts that everything will happen with good things.

But not only banks are going digital!

Do you actually know – dear reader – what the corporations Google, Facebook, XING, Apple, Samsung etc. do with your data?

The Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) will help you find out. Just ask us.

It shows a clear picture of what has already established itself in many other service areas. You want to perform your obligations online. More and more citizens are closing deals on the Internet and leaving digital traces that are available on the net for almost eternity if you don’t take care of them.

We know that in many people’s minds there is still the outdated thinking that no digital provision is needed. All just nonsense and exaggeration, as many claims. But the trend describes a different picture. It is only a matter of time before 95% of citizens are active online. And when something happens, the awakening is great and you are annoyed that you have not taken any action. Documents that used to slumber in folders are gone or cannot be found.

But also the companies will change over. Digitization strategies have become very fashionable. One is in fact “forced” to join digitisation if one wants to keep all services or if one is looking for a new employer.

We can only appeal. Don’t be careless with your digital values and goods.
Think twice about what photo or text they publish on the net. Back up your data to avoid painful data loss. This is also part of the digital change.

Think about your precautions and the security of your data.

Post by Digitales Erbe

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